1qt Roof Coating White, 47032
1qt Roof Coating White, 47032

1qt Roof Coating White, 47032

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Elastomeric Roof Coating
Part Number: 13-0740
1qt Roof Coating White, 47032

Compatibility: Asphalt Roof Shingles/ Galvanized Steel/ Concrete/ Wood/ Polyurethane Foam/ Bitumen Built Up Roofs
Used To: Reflective And Protective Coating
Coverage: 200 Square Feet Per Gallon
Insulating: No
Color: White
Unit Size: 1 Quart
Unit Type: CAN 
  • Use Over Asphalt Roof Shingles, Galvanized Steel, Concrete, Wood, Polyurethane Foam And Bitumas Built Up Roof (BURs)
  • Used As A Reflective And Protective Coating
  • Has Outstanding Exterior Durability And UV Resistance
  • Expands And Contracts With The Roof
  • Resists Cracking And Withstands Impact
  • Non-Polluting, Non-Toxic

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