1qt Roof Coating Clear, GC23200
1qt Roof Coating Clear, GC23200

1qt Roof Coating Clear, GC23200

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Multi-Purpose Brushable Repair Coating
Part Number: 13-0798
1qt Roof Coating Clear, GC23200

Pro Flex RV Multi-Purpose Brushable Repair Coating is a single-component, brushable, elastic coating with rubber-like flexibility. It is designed for many construction, roofing, agricultural, manufacturing, and industrial applications.
Compatibility: Aluminum/ Glass/ Vinyl/ Steel/ Wood And Other Common Substrates
Used To: Stop Leaks/ Rustproof Metal Surfaces On Roofs
Coverage: 100 Square Feet Per Gallon On Smooth Surface/ Covers 25 Square Feet Per Gallon On Porous Surface
Insulating: No
Color: Crystal Clear
Unit Size: 1 Quart
Unit Type: CAN
Unit Quantity: Single 
  • Exhibits Adhesion To Many Construction Materials Including Damp, Oily, Or Dirty Surfaces
  • Withstands Water Contact Quickly After Application To Stop Leaks
  • Prevents Rust On Any Metal Surface
  • Cured Sealant Is Mildew Resistant
  • Paintable, Resealable
  • Easy To Apply In Adverse Temperatures
  • Stays Flexible, Will Not Crack

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