1gal Car Wash And Wax, CW-128
1gal Car Wash And Wax, CW-128

1gal Car Wash And Wax, CW-128

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1gal Car Wash And Wax, CW-128

A one step process that cleans, waxes, seals and protects. It eliminates black streaks and restores luster and shine in a single application. Black streaks are easier to remove and the exterior is easier to maintain once applied. This is a stronger cleaner than our Wash and Wax and removes surface oxidation and slight scratches. In addition to a layer of carnauba wax, it has UV protection for your vehicle. When you use this at the beginning of season, your RV can be maintained in sparklish shape with our Wash and Wax all year long. Unlike black streak removers that are so strong the remove the wax, Cleaner and Wax removes the black streaks and leaves the wax.
Used For: Cleans/ Waxes/ Seals And Protects RV Exterior
Type: Liquid
Unit Size: 128 Ounce
Unit Type: Jug
Unit Quantity: Single 
  • A One Step Process That Cleans, Waxes, Seals And Protects
  • Eliminates Black Streaks And Restores Luster And Shine In A Single Application
  • Removes Surface Oxidation And Slight Scratches
  • In Addition To A Layer Of Carnauba Wax, It Has UV Protection For Your Vehicle
  • Removes The Black Streaks And Leaves The Wax

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