1gal Adhesive, 901-BA-1
1gal Adhesive, 901-BA-1

1gal Adhesive, 901-BA-1

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Roof System Bonding Adhesive
Part Number: 13-1300
1gal Adhesive, 901-BA-1

Recommended Use: Bond Moisture Absorbent Substrates
Unit Type: CAN
Unit Size: 1 Gallon
Unit Quantity: Single 
  • Three-Part Roofing System That Includes The Roofing Membrane, Bonding Adhesive And Lap Sealant
  • Specially Formulated To Be Environmentally And User Safe
  • Provides Excellent Coverage And Is Easy To Apply
  • Is Designed For Use On Moisture-Absorbent Substrates -- Not On Metal Or Fiberglass

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