19oz No Streek Glass Cleaner, NS-019
19oz No Streek Glass Cleaner, NS-019

19oz No Streek Glass Cleaner, NS-019

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Glass Wax Cleaner & Polisher
Part Number: 13-0436
19oz No Streek Glass Cleaner, NS-019

No Streek Glass Cleaner. An easy to use aerosol that cleans and shines easily and conveniently. Spray it on and wipe it off to sparkling windows. It is fantastic on glass, metal, chrome and mirrored surfaces. Even when used in direct sunlight, it cleans and does not streak!
Recommended Use: Clean/ Protect And Shine Glass/ Metal/ Chrome And Mirrored Surfaces
Unit Size: 19 Ounce
Unit Type: Aerosol Can
Refill Bottle Size: No Refill Bottle
With Anti-Fog: No
With Repel: No 
  • An Easy To Use Aerosol That Cleans And Shines Easily And Conveniently
  • Spray It On And Wipe It Off To Sparkling Windows
  • Fantastic On Glass, Metal, Chrome And Mirrored Surfaces
  • Even When Used In Direct Sunlight, It Cleans And Does Not Streak!

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