18Gal Smart Tote 4-Wheel Tank
18Gal Smart Tote 4-Wheel Tank

18Gal Smart Tote 4-Wheel Tank

Your Price: $235.89
18Gal Smart Tote 4-Wheel Tank
Part Number: 11-0742
Feature: 28985405108

Premium roll-away waste tanks on four wheels with tow handle for easy transit/use without lifting. Completely self-contained; no add-ons to buy or store. Three big sizes: 18, 27 and 35 gallons. Integrated PermaStoreTM ready-connect 5-foot sewer hose with bayonet cap saves time and mess. Built-in AutoStopTM Level Gauge/Vent eliminates guessing, prevents overfilling. Convenient Tow Handle hooks to ball hitch, folds flat to tank for storage. Rinsing hose snaps into molded-in clips. 18 Gallon LX model

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