16oz Electronic Cleaner, 52145CL10
16oz Electronic Cleaner, 52145CL10

16oz Electronic Cleaner, 52145CL10

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Electrical Parts Cleaner
Part Number: 13-0595
16oz Electronic Cleaner, 52145CL10

Dynatex® Electrical Parts Cleaner quickly dissolves and flushes away grease, oil and dirt while leaving no residue. Formulated for removing oil, grease, brake fluids, oxidized oils (gum) and asphalt from all types automotive parts and brakes. Dynatex® Electrical Parts Cleaner penetrates through dirt and corrosion and flushes them away, eliminating the need to disassemble. It leaves no residue, dries fast and is non-corrosive to metals.
Used For: Dissolves And Flushes Away Grease/ Oil And Dirt On Air Conditioning/ Electric Motors/ Alternators
Unit Size: 16 Ounce
Unit Type: Aerosol Can
Unit Quantity: Single 
  • Instantly Cleans Electrical Parts
  • Dries Fast With No Residue
  • Eliminates Dismantling
  • Quickly Dissolves And Flushes Away Grease, Oil, Dirt And Other Contaminants While Leaving No Residue

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