14oz Battery Cleaner, E403
14oz Battery Cleaner, E403

14oz Battery Cleaner, E403

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Part Number: 13-0605
14oz Battery Cleaner, E403

Battery Clean-Up™ instantly neutralizes, dissolves and removes corrosive elements from your battery terminals, cables, hold-downs and battery boxes. Formulated to assure maximum current flow and reduce potential voltage leakage.
Used For: Removing Of Corrosive Elements From Battery Terminals/ Cables/ Hold-Downs And Battery Boxes
Unit Size: 14 Ounce
Unit Type: Aerosol Can
Flammable: Yes
Water Soluble: No 
  • Instantly Neutralizes, Dissolves And Removes Corrosive Elements From Your Battery Terminals, Cables, Hold-Downs And Battery Box
  • Maximum Current Flow And Reduce Potential Voltage Leakage

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