10" Car Wash Brush Medium, PROD352

10" Car Wash Brush Medium, PROD352

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10" Car Wash Brush Medium, PROD352

This 10 Inch radial trimmed brush is perfect for washing RVs, autos, vans and campers. The unique design of the brush provides for a large cleaning area and allows for water flow-thru when used with a flowthru handle. It will reach into those hard to get at corners. Brush features soft tipped synthetic bristles. The gray brush head is medium strength and the blue fill is a slightly heavier for those tougher jobs.
Brush Head Type: 10 Inch X 3 Inch Radial Trimmed
Bristle Color: Blue
Bristle Material: Fiber
Handle Length (IN): Not Applicable
Handle Material: Not Applicable
Hose Connection: Not Applicable
With Grip: Not Applicable
With Soap Dispenser: No 
  • Perfect For Washing RVs, Autos, Vans And Campers
  • The Unique Design Of The Brush Provides For A Large Cleaning Area And Allows For Water Flow-Thru When Used With A Flowthru Handle
  • Brush Features Soft Tipped Synthetic Bristles
  • Favorite Among Rvers
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty

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