Right Hand Drive Motor Hose Reel, RW40RMK
Right Hand Drive Motor Hose Reel, RW40RMK

Right Hand Drive Motor Hose Reel, RW40RMK

Your Price: $494.50
Electric Hose Reel
Part Number: 22-1169
 Right Hand Drive Motor Hose Reel, RW40RMK

Now you can have all of your hoses organized on reel systems, eliminating struggles, tangles and dirty messes associated with hoses. No other hose reel system retrieves more quickly or stores more compactly. Pull the hose and it free spools off the reel you only pull off what you need. To retrieve, push the button (motorized) or turn the hand crank(manual) it's that easy!. The motorized reels feature a unique design that allows the motor to be mounted in the center of the reel drum, a patent-protected innovation. Hoses retract and store in a single unit, eliminating kinked hoses and slipping.
Used For: Store Washdown Water Hose
Type: Electric Operated
Voltage Rating: 12 Volts/ 24 Volts DC
Color: White
Mounting Location: Base Mount
Mounting Type: Bolt-On
With Hose: Yes
With Valve: No 
  • Eliminating Kinked Hoses And Slipping
  • Pull The Hose And It Free Spools Off The Reel You Only Pull Off What You Need
  • To Retrieve, Push The Button (Motorized) Or Turn The Hand Crank(Manual) It's That Easy
  • Hoses Retract And Store In A Single Unit
  • Unique Design That Allows The Motor To Be Mounted In The Center Of The Reel Drum
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

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